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Roasting in April: A Beat-the-Heat Offensive

Record high temperatures were set in Kansas last week, other places too (Texas recorded highs above 100). The heat however, was not a result of heat streaming north from Texas or Mexico. Nor was it a result of an oppressive summertime high pressure system. Also off the hook: A convective heat burst which can rapidly heat the air near a thunderstorm. So what was to blame?

FEMA, NOAA Official “Severe Weather Week” Not That Severe Weather-Wise But Still Extremely Important

Two of the nation’s foremost emergency authorities have joined forces to raise public awareness, which is a phrase that’s so overused these days that it’s almost an invitation to go look at something else.  But this time the awareness is about something that affects each and every one of us – severe weather.  See below […]

23rd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business & Industry: It’s All About Business Performance Enhancement

As I’m starting to write this, I just realized that this year marks my 20th anniversary of involvement in producing ImpactWeather’s Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry.  Every year I say that this next one will be our best ever but trust me – it’s not like we set lower goals each year.  In fact, […]

Late-Season Cold Front to Sweep Through Southeast U.S. = A Weekend to Remember for MS150 Riders

For many years beginning in 1992, I rode the MS150 from Houston to Austin (‘150’ being a shinier way of concealing the fact that back then it was actually the MS178) and eventually I became part of the event management staff and, for six or seven years, the T-shirt designer.  Officially now known as the […]

Update 2: Warning About Severe Weather in the Plains

Today’s post is not to bring you up-to-speed on these meteorological events from the beginning, but rather to continue the warning about the potentially deadly weather situation beginning to form across the infamous Tornado Alley over the coming 72 hours.

Update: Severe Weather Still On-Track for the Plains

In Tuesday’s YourWeatherBlog, I wrote that a significant severe weather threat is beginning to take shape for the southern and central Plains this coming weekend and early next week. With this update, I’m confirming that the severe weather is still on track and still on target. Every weather event comes more into focus as the […]

Katla Volcano on the Verge of Major Eruption – Again/Still

Iceland’s Katla Volcano is, once again, displaying signs of an imminent eruption. Are volcanologists crying wolf? It’s impossible to say, but given the current situation — and with so much at risk — how could they not?

Significant Severe Weather Event Next Week

The ImpactWeather StormWatch team has identified a significant threat of severe weather beginning late this weekend and into early next week. Keyword: Significant.

2,000 Tornadoes for the U.S. This Year? Seasonal Forecast Highlights Potential Impact on Your Business [25-min. video]

ImpactWeather produced our monthly weather outlook for our clients this morning, a 25-minute look at the next few months and an early peak into the tropical season.  A few items really stuck out – such as the fact that it’s been a warmer winter in the U.S. but not really anywhere else in the world […]