Daily Archives: March 26, 2012

Warm Weather Screwing Up Everything

First off, just last week and the week before hundreds of locations across the U.S. set record high temperatures. Internationally, it’s warm too — Scotland yesterday set a new high temperature of 22.8 Celcius (73F) for not only the day but for the month of March. An early spring, but also a relatively mild winter for many U.S. regions anxious for snowfall. My cousin in Vermont is a skier and we’ve exchanged many emails over the past several months about the missing snow (a cousin in Massachusetts, on the other hand, has had more than enough). My aunt and uncle have a house on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and we shared a few emails about the New England Pond Hockey Classic. In years past the NEPHC was held on Winnipesaukee, but this year it was moved to another New Hampshire lake because the ice near Meredith just wasn’t thick enough. (Read my previous article about the NEPHC here.) Just last week Lake Winnipesaukee recorded its earliest ever ice-out.