Daily Archives: March 6, 2012

2011’s Natural Disasters Costliest Ever – But There’s A Surprising Upside

According to a report by the United Nations that’s seeing a lot of screen time today, worldwide natural disasters in 2011 were the costliest ever . . . by a lot.  In fact, according to the secretary-general’s special representative for disaster risk reduction, it was a whopping two-thirds higher than the previous most expensive year, […]

Forecast: 15 Inches of Rain at Our Water Cooler

What do you overhear at your office water cooler? Seinfeld’s George Costanza prefers to get his gossip at the office coffee machine (“Nobody drinks from a water cooler any more – they use bottles”), but trading gossip in the office — whether at the water cooler or the coffee machine — is as old as the office itself. Location aside, you’ll probably agree there’s more going on most times than mere gossip. That’s why my ears perked up yesterday when I heard one of our StormWatch forecasters mention an upcoming rain event with a possible 15 inches of rainfall. You don’t need a weatherman to tell you 15 inches of rainfall is a significant event, however how and why 15 inches came to be definitely requires a weatherman to deconstruct and understand.