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Santacast 2011: U.S. National Weather Outlook for Christmas

ImpactWeather long-range expert and StormWatch team manager Fred Schmude shares the forecast for next weekend. The long-range forecast for Christmas remains a challenge even though we’re only about 10 days away from the big day.  The flow pattern is forecast to remain very progressive across the Lower 48 through Christmas Day meaning the risk of […]

Hurricane Forecasters Admit They Can’t Predict Hurricanes? Not Exactly

Manager of ImpactWeather’s TropicsWatch team and lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert weighs in on a story that’s been making the rounds for the last day or so . . . a story that needs to be corrected. There’s a story floating around the internet stating that seasonal hurricane forecasters Dr. Bill Gray and Dr. Phil […]

O Christmas Tree, Why Did The Drought Take Its Toll

This is my favorite time of the year and anyone who knows me knows I’ve had my tree decorated since right after Halloween. Yes, it’s true. I always say I put it up early for maximum enjoyment as the holiday season always goes by so fast. I realize not everyone is as eager as I […]

Scotland Battered Yesterday as Another Monster Low Takes Aim

It’s setting up to look very interesting early next week across parts of the U. K. and Ireland — again. Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Scotland took a huge slam from a North Atlantic low pressure system. Winds in some of the most exposed areas topped 100 mph with a peak wind recorded of […]

Strong Low Pounding UK and Northwestern Europe – Blizzard and 100+ MPH Winds

Falling temperatures will bring more seasonal early December weather to the U.K. as a strong low pressure area moves through the United Kingdom and into the North Sea today and tomorrow bringing the threat of strong winds, heavy rain and some snow to the region. London today is experiencing high temperatures in the middle 40s F (7 C), while Glasgow will be slightly cooler. In Ireland, Dublin should peak in the lower 40s today and near 40 tomorrow, before rebounding into the upper 40s Monday.

Batter Up! Smarter New Weather Satellite Called to the Mound

Major changes high above our heads today. And only a few people are aware because, on the surface (forgive the pun), nothing much will change. This is one of those “behind the scenes” changes that touches every one of us, yet life will go on as before. Although, life should go on just a little better than before. That’s because today marks the retirement of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 11 which has been on duty for almost 12 years, and the beginning of operational duty for GOES 15 — which brings improved capabilities to the job.

Vacation In Lovely Iceland! But Mind Your Step – The Lava Might Sting a Little

A couple of articles caught my eye over the past few days. The first was posted last Thursday, “New Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Have Global Impact.” The second followed almost immediately on Friday, “Katla Volcano Eruption Fears Played Down by Icelandic Scientists and Tourism Officials.”

You can see where I’m going, right? A potentially imminent, global impact-type of volcanic eruption is being downplayed by Icelandic scientists and tourism officials. Who do you believe? Who wants your money? Who stands the most to gain (or lose)? Who is right? What do you do?

A Taste of Winter in Texas, Finally!

A co-worker of mine who lives in Andrews, Texas, woke up to a winter wonderland this morning as snow fell overnight across the area. Widespread accumulations of 1-3 inches have been reported along the I-20 corridor which runs through Midland and Odessa. Temperatures aren’t expected to get much above freezing today and tonight will be […]

100-Year Storm On Tap? Not Quite, But Still Substantial

No, not even close. But I did hear yesterday on the news that this “strongest storm in 100 years” was tipping over semi trucks, toppling trees, knocking out power to thousands, shutting down airports and taking TV and radio stations off the air. I think more likely the reporter meant to say it was the strongest storm in 10 years with 100mph winds. Certainly this is a strong storm system, but yesterday’s unique situation was brought about by the strong storm plus the classic Santa Ana — we don’t need to worry about about 100+mph winds reaching out across the Plains, the Gulf Coast or the East Coast. Strong winds, yes; potentially damaging winds, yes; cold weather, certainly — but not the once-in-a-decade storm experienced yesterday in California and Utah.

Modest Proposal: Capital Punishment for Storm Drain Cover Theft? Meanwhile, These Covers Are Nicely Gift-Wrapped for the Holidays

Well, maybe not exactly wrapped and under your tree, however storm drain covers, grates and manhole covers are being stolen across the country and sold for scrap at an alarming rate and no doubt, some of the resulting coin will be spent on holiday gifts for loved ones who would otherwise have nothing. Gag. I […]