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Think You’re Chilly? Arctic Storm Has Hurricane Force Winds

Alaska is under the gun today as an extremely strong storm system impacts especially the western half of the state. The worst of the weather will remain well west of some of the most populated areas like Fairbanks and Anchorage. Unfortunately, some of the hardest hit areas include the cities of Nome, Point Hope and […]

Emergency Alert System: This is Only a Test (So Don’t Freak Out…)

Last week I posted about the first nationwide test of the EAS, which is taking place at 2pm EST today. The test may last over three minutes and there has been growing concern about the test; specifically, about those unaware of the test and it causing some anxiety. There’s concern that the TV message might […]

Foreshadow: Does Early Snow Equal More Snow More Often?

The buzz in my neighborhood, now that the Halloween candy stockpiles have lost their sparkle, is the coming winter weather. Houston is full of people just like me who are northern transplants down here who miss the snow and the cold, but are happy that — for the most part — a winter on the Gulf Coast is tame and fairly mild. Still, the possibility of snow sets this town in an uproar almost as much as the possibility of the Texans going to the Super Bowl. Could it be possible, because of last weekend’s early and record-breaking snowfall, North America has been primed for an unusually cold and snowy winter?

Extreme and Unsettled Winter Expected; Winter Weather Outlook Update Webinar Nov. 15th

The calendar says winter doesn’t start for 6 more weeks but that’s of wee comfort to the hundreds of thousands still without power from last week’s historic snow and rain storms throughout the Northeast U.S.  2011 has been a wild, record-breaking and oftentimes tragic year for weather.  Will the upcoming winter prove just as turbulent?  […]

Near-Miss Asteroid Will Outshine November Meteor Showers

November’s star-gazing is typically highlighted by the Leonid meteor shower, but the hard-core will no doubt scan for the Taurids, as well. Unfortunately, both showers will be hampered by strong moon illumination. But all is not lost! There’s a big, new player in town rocketing closer to Earth than anything of this size in the past 30 years – and we’ll see it next Tuesday.

Ready or Not? First Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) Next Wednesday

The first nationwide test of the new and improved Emergency Alert System (EAS) will take place at 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on Wednesday, November 9. Why this particular day? Well, this date was picked because it’s near the end of hurricane season, which ends November 30th, and before the worst of the severe winter […]