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Hurricane Ike Still Stings 3 Years Later

On the 3rd floor, we had no such flooding concerns but the vibrations and the groaning of the building made us all wonder how much more it could stand. And the Melcher Building is a big building — we knew it could withstand a lot, but we all know hurricanes can bring out the best and worst in building design.

BCP 101 – A Business Continuity Planning Beginner’s Checklist [free 30-min webinar]

The Association of Contingency Planners presents its sixth webinar in our year-long series of BC/DR presentations sponsored by ImpactWeather, Inc. As with many critical processes, getting started is often the hardest part.  Join us on September 22nd at 10:30C for BCP 101 – A Business Continuity Planning Beginner’s Checklist, an introduction to Business Continuity Planning that […]

National Preparedness Month 2011 – What Disaster Preparedness Really Means During This Crazy Weather Year

For years we’ve been touting the real need – not just “the really good idea that you should probably think about sometime” – for proper preparedness .   It’s time to actually get prepared for when and not if you’re affected by a disaster.  As we begin National Preparedness Month, 2011 seems to be the year […]

THE Story of 2011? The Weather

Tropical Update…3 Named Storms It’s the Peak of Hurricane Season Today is the 111th Anniversary of the 1900 Hurricane This weekend marks the 50th Anniversary of Hurricane Carla The Texas Drought Continues…Wildfires Rage 2011 has been and continues to be The Year of Weather in the U.S.  This is reflected in a piece we’re posting […]

South-Central U.S. Drought Possible Through Next Spring. Here’s Why.

ImpactWeather StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude weighs in today on SciGuy Eric Berger’s blog with the cryin’ shame not-so-great news that much of the south-central U.S. might not see any significant rain throughout the fall or winter.  The news isn’t good but it’s a great read and more than a little educational, including the update posted […]

Critical Results from Severe Weather Monitoring and Notification: Real-World Case Studies Free Webinar Tomorrow

2011 continues to test folks all over the U.S. with new challenges from Mother Nature.   Join us tomorrow at 10:30C for a sobering but rewarding review of how dedicated severe weather monitoring and notification were used relevant to each of the following events in order to achieve results that could have been much worse. The […]

Texas Continues to Burn, Mostly Out of Control

The out-of-control forest fires are close enough to Houston that we can smell the smoke (Bastrop State Park in the photo below is about 110 miles northwest of Houston). In Magnolia, a nearby and popular escape from urban Houston, thousands of acres have been consumed by fire. In the state’s capital, wildfires have forced thousands […]

Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes – Who’s Going to Pay For All of This?!

It’s all related. When it comes to the budget, be it county, state or federal, everything is intertwined and everything touches everything else. I’m glad I’m not in the budget business, although the disaster recovery business isn’t much better. Budgets for emergency and disaster relief are, thanks to Hurricane Irene, exhausted (or nearly exhausted). Yet […]

Update on Hurricane Katia, Tropical Storm Lee [3-min video]

Perhaps the last video update from us about Tropical Storm Lee despite the incredible amount of rain expected over the central Gulf Coast.  ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Meteorologist weighs in along with details on some cooler weather.

Fall Comes to Texas as Katia and Lee Raise Cain

It’s hard to believe that it’s already September and by this time of year I’m definitely ready for the cooler fall weather to arrive. The first official day of fall is September 23 but it looks like our first cold front could push across the Houston area early next week. This certainly is some good […]