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Strong Line of Thunderstorms Collides With Weather-Starved Pack of Meteorologists, Excited “Reportiness” Ensues

As I’ve often noted here, I’m not a meteorologist but I do have the relatively unique honor of working with a large collection of the world’s best forecasters seven days a week.  What’s most fun about it is when the group as a whole is directly and personally impacted by a severe weather event.  Because […]

Mega-Tsunami From Canary Islands? Not Yet

More rumblings from the Canary Islands this morning but, as of now, nothing substantial enough to shake loose the mega-landslide that is expected to trigger the mega-tsunami which will lead to the mega-submerging of the entire eastern coast of the U.S. At least, that’s the hypothesis.

Dow Up; Temps Down – Yes!

While the stock market packs on another day of gains, the temperatures are set to move in the opposite direction over the next few days. Both trends are welcome news, given the past several months of market volatility and scorching temperatures.

Where is the Sun, Little Darling?

It’s the first day of Autumn today (officially, Autumn arrived at 0904 UTC, or 0304 CST) and the Northern Hemisphere is on a familiar path to winter. So today, where exactly is the sun? Sorry, trick question! Technically, the sun is in the same spot it always is. The better question then would be, “Where […]

Massive Satellite Falling Back to Earth Tomorrow – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Umbrella!

We here at ImpactWeather have always got your back. We keep you updated on the latest weather with our special ImpactWeather insight, plus we let you know about interesting geology, oceanography, astronomy and more. Today, for instance, we bring you something that definitely falls into the interesting category of…well, interesting something, that’s for sure. How […]

Reminder: BCP 101 – A Business Continuity Planning Beginner’s Checklist [free 30-min webinar]

This is a recap of a posting from last week and the only thing that’s changed since then is that more than 240 people have signed up to attend.  The only other thing that’s happened since then is that I’ve joined in on two practice sessions for this presentation and I can say with all […]

Hurricane Irene: All Tricks and No Treats…You Stole Our Pumpkins!

It’s been almost a month since Hurricane Irene dumped torrential rain and caused extensive flooding along the East Coast. Upstate New York and Vermont suffered the worst flooding in centuries and even a month later they’re still cleaning up. Hurricane Irene as seen from the International Space Station on August 24, 2011. Image: NASA With […]

Endless Summer FINALLY Drawing to a Close

The endless summer — 2011. It’s been a wild ride with earthquakes, floods, wildfires, drought and heat. It may be that despite all the weather features that grabbed the headlines this past summer, it will be the heat that is remembered for generations to come. And the drought. (Not to mention the dreadful spring season […]

Believe It or Not, U.S. Setting Records for Low Temps and Snow Right Now

This morning’s low of 19 is the lowest September temperature ever recorded for International Falls. A bit further to the south, Duluth recorded snowfall yesterday — another record for the earliest snowfall ever recorded in Duluth.

Squirrel Suits! (And Mountain Waves)

As a meteorologist, knowing how air rises and descends and how the terrain influences those air currents is critical to the daily forecast. As an outdoors adventurer, it’s critical to have an understanding of not only the weather, but of the terrain around you and how it can influence the weather. Paragliders, soaring and ultralight pilots and parachutists need an intimate understanding of the wind and terrain, as well as how they influence each other.