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Warnings Can Only Do So Much; The Rest is Up to – Who?

Even the most accurate and reliable weather forecast or warning is useless if it falls on deaf ears or into still hands. Who can afford to take the chance that, with warning in hand, nothing will happen or that no action needs to be taken?

Critical Results from Severe Weather Monitoring and Notification: Real-World Case Studies Webinar (Free)

Join us September 9th at 10:30C for a sobering but rewarding review of how dedicated severe weather monitoring and notification were used relevant to each of the following events in order to achieve results that could have been much worse. The 2007 Oklahoma Ice Storm Hurricane Ike in 2008 The Joplin Tornado earlier this year […]

Don’t Let Moonshine “Darken” Shooting Star Show

The moon is now waxing gibbous and will reach full moon status this coming Saturday night — almost perfectly timed with the peak of the Perseids which occurs overnight between Friday and Saturday. The light pollution will be significant. A similar situation occurred two years ago when the moon was just past full, in its waning gibbous phase, and indeed the bright sky diminished the shower as fainter meteors were washed out by the moonlight.

Sun Throws A Tantrum. Your GPS May Be Next.

ImpactWeather VP IT and ham radio enthusiast Kyle Tupin guest-posts today. Our sun unleashed the solar equivalent of a large, unruly belch yesterday which may lead to some unusual effects here on Earth.  The sun undergoes an eleven-year cycle of increasing and decreasing activity known as sunspots.  As a ham radio operator, I’ve always been […]

Quiet in the Tropics? Bite Your Tongue!

Though it seems quiet, the ImpactWeather TropicsWatch team is keeping a watchful eye on four active disturbances and one suspect area on Africa’s West Coast. Additionally, areas like the eastern Caribbean, the western Tropical Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico are climatological hot spots for development, while the peak of hurricane season (September 10th) draws closer every day.

Today’s The 150th Anniversary of Weather Forecasting? You Decide

I’m an avid fan of Dr. John Lienhard’s Engines of Our Ingenuity, a widely-syndicated, brief weekday radio essay that’s “interested in the way inventive minds work” (the show’s tagline).  The show is produced at the University of Houston and one of Lienhard’s staunchest recurring themes is that almost nothing is invented without prior evolution.  For […]