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Last Words on Hurricane Irene’s “Over-Hype” – It’s Time To Move On

On Monday I weighed in about supporting the Hurricane Irene preparedness measures put into place by New York City and Mayor Bloomberg. Though my position hasn’t been attacked, you don’t have to look far to find plenty of articles complaining about the over-hype of the media coverage and the “over-the-top” actions by Bloomberg and his […]

Increased Tropical Activity in the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico [3-min video]

The tropics continue to flare as shown in an ImpactWeather video posted by “SciGuy” Eric Berger, the science editor for The Houston Chronicle.  Hit the link or click on the image to view on YouTube.    

Weird Drought Side-Effects; Share Your Observations, Too

From day to day throughout this now-historic south-central U.S. drought, the life and lifestyle of the average city-dweller hasn’t changed that much.  Certainly it’s more difficult for lower-income households that don’t have air-conditioning and I’m glad I no longer labor outside for a paycheck.  But for most of us, we still go about our everyday […]

Tropical Update: Activity in the Gulf? [90-sec video]

We’re watching both Katia in the Atlantic and Tropical Disturbance 35 in the western Caribbean Sea and ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Chris Hebert just posted a brief video about both.  Click here to watch or click on the image below.  We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Irene: Why Bloomberg Shouldn’t Be Second-Guessed

Like the rest of us, I’ve been watching the news over the past few days. As we know, it’s been dominated by coverage of Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately there are always too many who feel the authorities over-reacted, closed down too much and went too far. After all, Irene was barely a hurricane when it reached The City.

30-Day Hurricane Outlook for September – Free 20-Min. Webinar On Wednesday

Next Thursday, September 1st at 10:30C, ImpactWeather will continue our 2011 series of informational webinars regarding the Atlantic hurricane season presented by ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Meteorologist Chris Hebert. Each month we continue to update you on the current trends and what we expect for the following several weeks as well as through the remainder of […]

East Coast Braces for Irene…65 Million People Are Either Ready or Not

Hurricane Irene is currently located about 300 miles south-southwest of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. It’s currently moving northward at 14 mph with maximum sustained winds near 100 mph and higher gusts. Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 290 miles from the eye with tropical storm conditions expected by this afternoon along the Carolina […]

One Storm – One Town = One Notable Anniversary

If you were a coastal resident in South Florida in 1992, you were likely aware the season was expected to have a below average number of storms. How would you prepare? Would you prepare at all? Would you be under the assumption that, due to the forecast, no preparations would be necessary? On August 25th, 1992 would your attitude have been the same as it was prior to the storm?

Update on Daunting Irene (Targeting Long Island?) As We Note Anniversary of Devastating Hurricane Andrew

As U.S. East Coasters watch and prepare for hurricane Irene – and in the wake of today’s fairly historic earthquake – we’re mindful that tomorrow’s the 19th anniversary of the SE Florida landfall of hurricane Andrew, a devastating hurricane that was among the deadliest and costliest of the 20th century. Here’s the latest (3:45pm CDT […]

Enjoying a Heavenly Big Sky Summer While Back Home It’s Hot As . . . Texas

This has been the hottest, driest summer in Houston since I’ve lived in Texas. Most of the state is in an exceptional drought, which is the most severe level. Not only are we dealing with the lack of rainfall but also the heat. Yes, summers are always hot in Texas but this year’s a little […]