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Tropical Storm Don Landfall Update; Next System Already Queuing Up

As Don prepares to make landfall later this evening with 50mph winds gusting to 65, many parts of the Texas and Mexico coastlines will see rain throughout much of today and tonight.  You’ll find a 2 ½-minute video update here.  And already another system is developing southeast of the Caribbean and if development into a […]

Unprecedented Earthquakes Swarm Canaries

You won’t find this on the front page of the New York Times or anywhere on, but if you have your ear to the tracks you might’ve heard rumblings from far off in the North Atlantic Ocean where, near the Canary Islands, there have been an incredible number of earthquakes recorded in the past week — 620 and counting, 400 in just four days!

Don Changes Course – Still Expected on Mid-Texas Coast

ImpactWeather Sr. Meteorologist Chris Hebert details not only the storm track and intensity, but some of the conditions that will be experienced both onshore and offshore. ImpactWeather’s YouTube channel hosts this most recent video.

Gulf Disturbance Likely to be Upgraded to “Don” This Afternoon

An adjusted track forecast brings this tropical disturbance to the mid-Texas Coast by Friday evening. Uncertainty remains an issue with both the track forecast and the intensity forecast. Hurricane recon aircraft are onsite now and will provide more answers upon their return.

Tropical Storm Don? Maybe – Tropics Starting to Heat Up

Just last week we were talking about how so many people think it’s a quiet tropical storm season and sure enough, today it looks like things are starting to heat up.  In fact, ImpactWeather StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude remarked this morning, “What’s striking to me is how similar this year is to our [2011 hurricane […]

Disaster Strikes: What’s In YOUR Go Bag?

Tanker truck explosion.  House fire next door.  Late-forming hurricane.  Leak in a gas main.  Adjacent hostage situation.  Time to go.  NOW. And you don’t know either when you’ll be back or how long you’ll be on the road. (And those aren’t hypothetical situations – a lifelong resident of a big city near the coast, I’ve […]

So Who Tweets During A Hurricane? You Do, If You’re Smart

“Social media” is a misnomer during and after wide-scale calamity because you’re not exactly socializing – you’re using well-established communications tools to maintain, survive and emerge on the other side more thoroughly informed and in a better position to go forward. “In times like these . . . “  “Now more than ever . . […]

Red and Blue States – Not What You’d Expect This Time

Of course, it’s mid-July and everybody expects it to be warm. But not like this! Temperatures more common-place in Texas are spreading as far north as Canada. Though you can read about the “hot forecast” on many sources from The Weather Channel to CNN, ImpactWeather and YourWeatherBlog would like to take this opportunity to remind you to take care of yourself in this oppressive heat.

Of Pintos and Presidents – How a Weather Observer Became Part of the Presidential Motorcade

Again, the whump-whump-whumps we heard were the blades of the scouting helicopter: one more pass to make sure the most exact conditions were relayed to Marine One. Moments later a second series of whump-whump-whumps got louder and louder, eventually breaking free of the clouds as Marine One descended to the field and stopped.

2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook for August: Free 20-Minute Webinar Aug. 3

The third in our season-long series of monthly 30-day hurricane season outlooks will take place on Wednesday, Aug 3rd from 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM CDT.  This free, 20-minute webinar will “review the season so far and look ahead over the coming month for areas of potential development and track patterns.  Seasonal predictors will be […]