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Visiting The Home of The World’s Worst Weather

As it turns out, I was wrong in thinking that the world’s worst weather was 300 miles of pouring rain on I-81 in Tennessee while on a motorcycle trip last week. But at the time, it sure felt like it! It was raining so hard, even the truckers were pulling over. Actually, they had already […]

Housing for Critical Personnel: The Missing Piece of Most Disaster Plans [free 20-min. webinar]

Landfall is imminent.  (This is a hypothetical situation; there is currently no significant threat to the U.S. mainland.) The clock is ticking, the anticipation is palpable and this time it’s for real.  But your people, resources and plans – tested and re-tested – are in place and you’re confident.   Your hatches are battened.  You’ll get […]

Hurricane Season Monthly Outlook, July 7th [free 20-min. webinar]

So far it’s been a quiet start to the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season and when you consider that there’s typically a slight bump in activity in June before a usually quieter July, the season is off to an odd start indeed.  So what does the next month look like in the tropics?  ImpactWeather TropicsWatch Manager […]

Tropical Development in the Gulf Next Week?

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway, although it’s off a pretty slow start. But this might change next week as conditions become favorable for development. Over the next 48 hours no development is expected, but we’ll continue to keep a close eye on Tropical Disturbance 9. As of 10:30CDT Friday, it’s located about 335 […]

Rain for Drought Stricken Texas? Also, You Could’ve Fooled Me That it’s the First Day of Summer…

If I wasn’t a meteorologist I would’ve sworn summer arrived at least a month ago with the above average temperatures we’ve been seeing in the Houston area. It’s been hot, dry and flat out just miserable to be outside most days—unless you’re out at the pool like I’ve been lately. Today is the first official […]

Active Weather Week Across the Nation’s Heartland

An active weather pattern is shaping up across the central and eastern U.S. this week as a strong low pressure system and its associated fronts move eastward. Showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop across this region as we head into the afternoon hours. Widespread severe storms will be possible across the Central and Southern […]

Houston’s Only Natural Beauty at Risk Due to Drought

I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could! Houston is a great city to live in, but it sure is different than the small town in Alabama I grew up in. I have to admit it took me a while to learn my way around, but after living here […]

The Secret of a Successful Rain Dance? Timing, Timing, Timing. When WILL This Drought End?

Since February 1st, the Houston area – not to mention a grand swath of the south-central U.S. – has experienced one of the driest periods in recorded history and it looks like any change in the weather pattern will be slow to occur over the next month or two as strong upper-level high pressure remains over the area. The record dry spell is mainly being contributed to by a strong La Niña event (cold Pacific water) during the past winter into the spring. Even though La Niña is quickly dissipating, the residual effects of that weather pattern combined with very dry soil are enhancing the record-setting dry conditions over much of Texas.

Hammered Enough? 2nd Massive Flood Hits Central U.S.

Another flooding story? Yes. And with all the heartbreak and ruin of all the other flooding stories. This time it’s along the swollen banks of the Missouri on the Missouri-Iowa border near the town of Hamburg in southwestern Iowa.

The Best Hurricane Tracking Chart in the World. Maybe Even The Galaxy.

Almost as long as there’s been an ImpactWeather, there’s been the ImpactWeather Hurricane Tracking Chart.  I’ve heard reports of copies of the chart – weathered and marked with the treks of storms passed – inside the rusty cab of a crane 60 feet over the Corpus Christi harbor, on the wall of a marina club […]