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Deadly Storms Rock Winter in the North and Spring in the South

Here we are in the middle of April and it’s snowing across parts of the Northern Plains/Upper Midwest. It’s days like this I’m glad I live in the south where temperatures this afternoon in the Houston area will reach the mid 80’s. This isn’t the case across parts of the Plains where temperatures today will […]

Heavy, Wet Snow a Month into Spring? What?

It technically hasn’t been spring a full month yet but it’s pretty close, and yet parts of the Northern Plains are expecting to see heavy, wet snow later today. This sounds crazy, but it’s definitely not uncommon. A strong low pressure system and cold front will push across the Plains and Midwest today through Saturday […]

When is Tornado Season? Every Day

One only has to look to the news over the past few weeks to see outbreaks of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes: Tornadoes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, and Florida to name a few. Nationwide, the United States can expect an average of more than 1,000 tornadoes annually.

End In Sight For U.S. Drought?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been talking a lot about the drought across Texas and other parts of the Southwest. Matter of fact, just yesterday I posted on how the Texas drought was to blame for a wind storm that occurred across the eastern U.S. earlier this week. Is there an end in […]

Association of Contingency Planners Announces New Webinar Series

Throughout 2011, ImpactWeather will be hosting a series of webinars on behalf of the Association for Contingency Planners and the first one, Human Resiliency Within the Supply Chain, will take place at 10:30C on Wednesday, April 20th.  This is a free, one-hour webinar that will focus on human resilience and logistics within the supply chain. […]

Texas Drought Blamed For Extraordinary Wind Storm

Earlier this week, an incredible wind storm affected the southeastern U.S. and some electric providers are saying it’s one of the worst in terms of power outages in years. In addition, the Storm Prediction Center received a whopping 1,245 wind damage reports in a 24-hour period.  Wind damage reports are shown in blue. Image: Storm […]

It’s Back: The 2011 Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry

Conditions around the U.S. currently range from dry to enjoyable to downright chilly, rainy and snowy.  But hurricane season is just a little over 7 weeks away.  And since luck favors the well prepared, we’ve already scheduled the 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry to take place on Tuesday morning, May 24th.  Considering […]

Colorado Wildfires: Dry and Sad

The long-range weather outlook for the Ft. Collins area does not look good. In addition, it’s a double whammy as the region is in a downslope area. With a persistent westerly wind flow, the local effect of subsidence (downslope) further intensifies the already critically-dry weather.

Major Cold Front: Tornadoes Likely

A strong low pressure system and cold front will move from eastward across the central and eastern U.S. today and tomorrow bringing a risk of strong-to-severe thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall, frequent lightning, strong, gusty winds and isolated tornadoes.

Final Four: Houston, We Have Nice Weather Until…

Houston, we don’t have a problem, at least not weather-wise this weekend. But showers and thunderstorms could return Monday just in time for the Championship Game. This will be one of the bigger weekends here in Houston since the 2004 Super Bowl with hundreds of thousands of Final Four fans expected in town. Fans have […]