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March Goes Out Like a Lion

Significant snow, severe thunderstorms, even tornadoes are possible across the U.S. today and tomorrow. The next week and a half will include dramatic weather in many areas as cold air from the north collides with warm, humid air in the South.

Seen Over Houston: That Ain’t No Blimp

Over Houston yesterday I’m sure many eyes strained skyward as a somewhat large weather balloon lifted off from the University of Houston campus on the southwest edge of downtown. Mixed in amongst helicopters, commercial airliners* outbound from Hobby Airport and the migratory birds returning from wintering south of the border, a scientific payload of weather instruments lifted from the grassy fields of the U. of H. campus to eventually reach upwards of 45,000 feet (specialized high-altitude weather balloons can reach 120,000 feet).

Late-Week Snow Storm? No April Foolin’…

Severe weather season is here and there’s a slight threat for severe storms across the southern U.S. this week. Today, a low pressure system and its associated upper level disturbance will develop across the Southern Plains and Mississippi River Valley before moving eastward across the Deep South tomorrow and pushing off the Carolina coast on […]

Weather Hating on Wildflowers?

I was in Katy, TX just the other day and as I was getting on the interstate I noticed all of the beautiful bluebonnets lining some of the banks under the overpasses. You might not know this but the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. These are annual flowers that usually blossom towards the […]

Everything’s Bigger In Texas…Even the Drought!

Here in the Lone Star State we’re in one of our worst droughts in 44 years. This is a huge problem since we are the largest U.S. cattle producer and the second-largest winter wheat grower. According to State Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, we’ve received only 4.7 inches (12 centimeters) of rain on average from October through […]

Supermoon Over Boston

Last Friday on YourWeatherBlog I talked about the supermoon we would see on Saturday (March 19th). I was disappointed this weekend when the clouds rolled in late Saturday afternoon/evening here in the Houston area which blocked my view of the moon. Needless to say, over on the East Coast they had the perfect weather conditions […]

Happy World Meteorological Day!

Each year on March 23rd the United Nations celebrates World Meteorological Day. This is a global observance (not a public holiday) that celebrates the date in 1950 when the World Meteorological Organization was established. The WMO is an intergovernmental organization with a membership of 189 member states and territories that is headquartered in Geneva. Every […]

No Break As This Harsh Winter Yields To Severe Weather Season

It sure doesn’t feel like spring today across the northern U.S. from the Northern Plains into the Northeast as a fast moving low pressure system brings a good chance of locally heavy snow through Thursday morning. Snow will increase in coverage and intensity across Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and Michigan this afternoon and evening. Then it […]

Spring Is Here! But Maybe Not Everywhere…

Spring has finally arrived (at 7:21 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 20 to be exact), but today will be the first full day. Both the spring and fall months are without a doubt my favorite two seasons. Summers here in Houston are pretty hot and even though it doesn’t get very cold here during the […]

Moon: Bigger and Brighter This Weekend? Here’s Why…

The moon will appear bigger and brighter this weekend so be on the lookout! On Saturday the super “perigee” moon (when the moon is the closest to the sun, roughly in an 18 year cycle) will rise in the east at sunset. It will look especially big at that time due to the “Moon illusion.” […]