Daily Archives: February 3, 2011

Winter Storm Chat Text Now Available

Nearly 6,000 folks joined us at Noon CST for an hour-long chat about the current SE TX / SW LA winter storm situation.  The chat was hosted by The Houston Chronicle‘s SciGuy Eric Berger.  You can read the full transcript of the accurate, informative and often humorous chat here.

Hate to Sound Like a Broken Record, But Records are Breaking

Flurries (northern Metro Houston) and sleet (coastal areas near Galveston) have already been reported this morning. This afternoon though is when the precipitation should begin in earnest with accumulations in some areas nearing five inches of snow by tomorrow morning and other areas accumulating 1/4-inch of ice or perhaps even more.

Part II: Can Lizards and Squirrels Predict an Early Spring?

Yesterday, we talked about how Punxsutawney Phil was an amateur weather forecaster and how hummingbirds, robins and toads could do a better job than him. So today, from birds to lizards, the Green Anole is another species whose reappearance may indicate spring is near. They’re primarily found in the southeastern U.S. and some Caribbean islands. […]