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Farewell to February, Unofficial Chili Cook-Off Month

After the lull in celebrations that follows the annual winter holiday season, it gets busy again around here with the billion-dollar Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo and its attendant chili and barbecue cook-offs.  Now’s the time to host any kind of cooking competition, especially one involving the creation of a beef stew with peppers […]

Interior New England Getting Pounded – and Buried

A fast-moving low pressure area will move from coastal New England through the Canadian Maritime Provinces producing a good chance of locally heavy snow. Falling snow will increase in coverage and intensity over central New England late this morning, spreading quickly northeast across the Canadian Maritime this afternoon through Saturday morning.

Quake: New Zealand and the Hikurangi Trough

The strong and very shallow quake was located at 43.59S and 172.71E, or about three miles north northwest of Christchurch. The depth of the focus was estimated to be only about 3 miles deep. Strong seismic aftershocks between 4.5 and 5.5 on the Richter Scale will likely occur over the next two to three weeks as the initial break in the Earth’s crust slowly reaches equilibrium. Buildings already weakened by the initial strong quake could collapse with those additional strong aftershocks.

Snow in the North…Severe in the South

The weather has been fairly quiet across the central and eastern half of the country the past few days but that’s all about to change, starting today. An upper level disturbance will approach the Plains later today and collide with warm, moist Gulf air with showers and thunderstorms developing across the region. Conditions will be […]

Social Media, Its Impact on Emergencies . . . And Vice-Versa

YourWeatherBlog has been around for a while now – in fact, Lauren’s post on Friday was YWB post number 450 – and after that much time and experience, you pick up a few pointers about productive posting.  One of those points is:  Don’t blog about other blogs. Except for today, and with kudos to Mashable.  […]

Major Winter Storm Aims for the Northern Plains; South Catches a Break

The southern U.S. finally has had a break this week from the winter storms which have tracked across the area the past few weeks dumping heavy amounts of snow and causing major travel disruptions both in the air and on the ground. It’s been a relatively quiet week across the Lower 48, but that looks […]

A Little Bit of Calm Between the Storms

The weather has been so pleasant here on the Gulf Coast that it’s difficult to believe there’s still a month of winter yet to go. In fact, much of the globe is enjoying a bit of a break from extreme weather. And though that term can be subjective to many, ImpactWeather’s Gmaps reveals there are only a few global hazards

Tired of the Cold? Are Warmer Days Ahead?

Who isn’t tired of the cold weather because I certainly am! The spring and fall are without a doubt my favorite two seasons and I’m beginning to think that spring can’t get here fast enough (even though this week has been pleasant in Houston). It’s always difficult to know how to dress this time of […]

Snow Causes More Headaches Today Across the Southern Plains and Deep South

What a winter it has been so far and I’m sounding like a broken record when I say more snow is expected today across parts of the Southern Plains and Deep South. A strong Arctic cold front is diving southward and will interact with a developing low pressure system bringing locally heavy snow from the […]

Another Iceland Volcano Nearing Eruption?

Geologists on Iceland are warning of the increased risk of a fresh volcanic eruption after measuring an increased swarm of earthquakes around the island’s second largest volcano. Experts are warning that the sustained earthquakes are the strongest recorded in recent times.