Daily Archives: January 6, 2011

A Flurry of Useful Webinars . . . And a Few Other Freebies

It’s Chamber of Commerce weather today in Houston – actually, more like Greater Houston Partnership* weather – with clear, dark blue skies, mild winds and temps in the upper 60s.  That’s not always the case but ImpactWeather clients are well prepared with information they need . . . and not just about the weather. This […]

StormWatch: Winter Weather Advancing

There is little change in the forecast over the next several days as a large Arctic airmass develops over western Canada this weekend then spills southward over the Lower 48 next week. The good news is, as of this morning and yesterday afternoon, some of the forecasting data has backed off a bit on the overall intensity of the cold air. However, much colder air is still expected to move across the eastern half of the nation next week bringing well below normal temperatures to many areas — including many areas of the Deep South unaccustomed to such prolonged cold.