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Texas Low to Nor’easter in Just 30 Hours

The low pressure area that was in northeastern Texas this morning is expected to be off the coast of New England by later tomorrow. It’s a fast-moving storm system, and that’s a good thing. Should it slow, snowfall amounts from the South to New England would be significantly larger.

First Space Launch of 2011…Another One this Afternoon

We have liftoff! The first rocket launch of 2011 occurred Thursday at 12:29 GMT (7:29 a.m. EST) in Kazakhstan, but another launch will occur this afternoon (1:08 p.m. PST) right here in the U.S. on the West Coast. The Delta IV Heavy rocket is expected to blast off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in […]

Significant Winter Storm: Central Plains to the Northeast

Storm Development Outlook. A large upper-level storm system will combine with a southward moving cold front resulting in a risk of locally heavy snow from the northern High Plains of eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and Nebraska south and east into the Midwest and middle Mississippi River Valley on Wednesday. Snow will then sink further south into the Southern Plains of eastern Kansas, northern Oklahoma, and Ozark Mountain regions of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri on Wednesday night before the entire low pressure system pushes to the east into the Tennessee Valley on Thursday. Snow accumulations through midday Thursday will generally range from 3 to 5 inches in most locations across these regions; however, a swath of 6-inch snow accumulations will be possible from central Nebraska through northeastern Kansas, and northern/central Missouri. This includes the Kansas City and St. Louis metropolitan areas.

Plains Snow Storm to Become Next Nor’easter

Temperatures and an upper-level storm system tied to a surface low pressure center will quickly move from the central Plains to off the coast of the Northeast between Wednesday and Friday while transitioning from a Plains and Midwest snowstorm to a nor’easter — the third nor’easter in about three week’s time.

Floods and Landslides in Brazil and the Philippines…Death Toll Continues to Rise

In YourWeatherBlog last week we talked about the devastating floods that hit Australia and today the government is saying it could be the country’s most expensive natural disaster to date. However, it’s not just Australia that’s dealing with disastrous floods. Heavy rain has also fallen in Brazil causing devastating floods and landslides. So far more […]

Cold As Ice: Next Outbreak Identified

There are lots of questions this morning about the next Arctic air mass and a deep, upper-level storm system approaching from the west. One thing not in question however, is that this air mass is significantly colder than last week’s.

Powerful Nor’Easter Dumps Heavy Snow Across New England

A strong low pressure system brought heavy snow and gusty winds across much of the Northeast the past several days. This is the second major snow storm to hit the area in less than a month and once again, it’s causing major travel disruptions, both on land and in the air. Cleanup crews are hard […]

El Niño Not To Blame (This Time)

It’s cloudy and unusually cold in Houston at this writing. Not exactly the stuff of La Niña, yet eastern Pacific waters are cooler than normal allowing western Pacific waters to be warmer than normal which, in turn, allows abundant precipitation across Equatorial waters of the western Pacific. Translation? Classic La Niña.

Image from Space: Australian Floods

Yesterday, Dave brought you the latest information on the Australian floods and today I’d like to show you an image captured from the Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite. Notice the muddy brown flood waters inundating the city. Heavy rain will continue across southeastern Australia and Tasmania over the next few […]

South Digs Out While Major Nor’easter Aims for Northeast

The same storm system responsible for the snow across the Deep South will bring heavy snow to the Mid-Atlantic States into New England today and tomorrow. The heaviest snow is expected from northern New Jersey into Rhode Island and Connecticut with 10-14” possible. Heavy lake effect snow showers can also be expected, especially across northern Ohio into northwestern Pennsylvania where up to 8-10” of snow is possible.