Monthly Archives: November 2010

Merapi: How Could it Get Worse?

Many are asking this very question as the Mount Merapi volcano continues to spew ash along with the pyroclastic flows and mudslides (lahars). I heard on NPR this morning that the ash is so heavy, not only is it literally thickening the air being breathed, but it is clinging to the leaves and branches of […]

Teaching a Weather Class . . . To 6,200 Eighth Graders

So what’s it like to teach a meteorology class to more than 6,000 eighth-graders all at once for a full hour for four straight days in a row?  In a word, it’s a hoot. Late in 2009, administrators with the Pasadena Independent School District contacted me to see if ImpactWeather could help them obtain a […]

Explosive Eruptions Continue at Gunung Merapi

It couldn’t get much worse in Indonesia today as the volcano at Mount Merapi continues to erupt in explosive and massive form. The stories covered by the media this morning are horrific in their detail. Despite massive evacuations over the past several days, too many people remain within the fiery reach of the eruption. Yahoo […]

Devastating Setup for Haiti

ImpactWeather projects that Tropical Storm Tomas will reach a level of 5 out of 50 on the Hurricane Severity Index but its path is what most concerns me. Still reeling from the January 12th earthquake and 50+ aftershocks, Haiti is still deeply entrenched in a housing crisis with estimates that more than a million and […]

Tomas Causes Damage and Kills 14 on St. Lucia

Hurricane Tomas, which is now a tropical depression, hit St. Lucia as a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday morning causing major damage (click here to see aerial footage of the damage). So far at least 14 people have been killed on St. Lucia and the death toll is expected to rise. Tropical Depression Tomas now […]

Could Weather Delay Space Shuttle Discovery’s Final Flight Again?

The countdown continues for Discovery’s 39th and final mission into space after being delayed again. The final launch of NASA’s oldest active shuttle was originally planned to take place on November 1st but was delayed until today after technicians made last-minute repairs to plug minor gas leaks. Now NASA has delayed the launch at least […]

Arkansas: Magma On The Move?

Is magma near the surface of the earth a bit more “anxious” near Conway, Arkansas these days? Magma, a molten-rock mixture of gas and solids, is always on the move, but when it’s a bit more active than normal it can cause tremors (aka: earthquakes). Such is the case near Guy, Arkansas (near Conway). The […]

Grímsvötn Begins to Erupt

Though it seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the volcanoes in Iceland, don’t judge a book by its “quiet” cover. Iceland remains a geological hot spot and vulcanologists are still expecting an eruption of likely global climate-changing proportions in the not-too-distant future. While we wait, lesser volcanoes will continue to keep residents and scientists on alert.