Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Secret Climate Change Weapon? Ridiculous!

A Russian political scientist believes the U.S. may be using a climate-change weapon (HAARP) to alter temperatures in Russia and other Central Asian countries. First off, that’s just ridiculous; the only thing in control of the weather is Mother Nature. I’ll agree temperatures this summer in Russia, specifically in the Moscow area, have been extremely […]

Anniversaries and “It Just Takes One”

Perhaps the media is a bit behind the curve, but I think most government agencies with public safety in mind have caught on and are spreading the word: It just takes one storm. It’s not about the number of storms expected. It’s not about a busy season or a quiet season. It’s about being prepared […]

Midwest Flooding…Comparing This Year to The Great Midwest Flood of 1993

It’s hard to believe that 1993 was nearly 20 years ago but many of you who are about my age (and I won’t tell you how old that is) can remember some of the weather events from many years ago. Especially if you love weather like I do. I got to thinking a few days […]

B737 Crashes in Columbia…Is Lightning to Blame?

Is lightning to blame for the Columbian plane crash early Monday? Well there are a few internet sources reporting lightning as the cause, but with my aviation weather knowledge I’d say there’s more than likely other factors involved as aircraft these days are engineered with lightning protection. Planes now have to go through extensive lightning […]

Cloud Talk

It seems almost every day science discovers a new level of communication, teamwork and societal hierarchy where none was thought to previously exist. Communication is defined as a message with a sender and an intended recipient; and there must be a communicative commonality. Whales and dolphins come immediately to mind. Wolves and apes have this […]

It’s Raining WHAT? Part 3

What kind of barracuda can cause a total blackout for a town of 400? A flying barracuda. Last November, from out of the clear blue Florida sky, a three-foot long barracuda took power down for the residents of Florida’s Duck Key. With the scent of seafood in the air, life returned to normal without much […]

Iowa Flooding More Storms on the Way

A strong low pressure system and associated cold front will track across the Central Plains and Midwest today bringing the threat of severe thunderstorms. Clusters of strong to severe storms are expected to develop, especially from Iowa through southern Minnesota today. A moderate risk of severe storms will exist across this region with the main […]

A (Very Important) Word About Response Timeline Triggers

Refined, objective timeline triggers make a world of difference in your response plan efficiency.

The Business of a Heat Wave

What do air conditioners, ice cream cones, short shorts, bottles of water, sun block, sprinklers, flip-flops, garden hoses and — of course — sunglasses have in common? Summer for sure, but also they are all high-use items in a heat wave. In other words, if you’re selling those items and a heat wave befalls your […]

Blackouts: Par for the Course

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the news anchor was talking about rolling blackouts due to the excessive heat in many areas of the country. “Here we go again,” I thought. After all, it’s the first week in August and we’ve seen this before. Seems California and the East Coast […]