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Taking Severe Weather to the Extreme…

I love the weather and am fascinated by its extremes. Just recently I was wondering why so many of us are thrilled by the extremes yet at the same time seemingly bored by anything less. As an example, I thought: the TV weatherperson. You’ve likely seen the local TV meteorologist battling the weather, in the […]

Lifestyle Changes Impact Hurricane Planning

Last Monday I was thinking that because of the recent lull in tropical activity perhaps people weren’t taking this tropical storm season seriously.  Most of my experience is anecdotal and personal and therefore statistically invalid but many people I had spoken to outside of our offices seemed to think that this was going to be […]

Hurricane Katrina Turns 11 Million

The search phrase “Hurricane Katrina” returns almost 3.3 million hits on Yahoo, while Google returns 11 million. For comparison, 2005’s Hurricane Wilma garnered 243,000 hits. 1983’s Hurricane Alicia 305,000 hits. Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, devastated the town of Homestead, Florida and nearly wiped Homestead Air Force Base off the map — 500,000 hits. What can […]

Another Volcano? We’re On It!

ImpactWeather is rich with experience and expertise, and not just what you’d expect. Of course, we issue the forecasts you’re familiar with and some of our meteorologists have even taken that skill to television meteorology; more than a few have come to ImpactWeather from the world of television meteorology. But did you know one of […]

Lightning Vs. You . . . Lightning Wins

Lightning is one of the most (if not the most) underrated weather phenomenon given that most of us get more worked up over tornadoes and hurricanes than thunderstorms. But did you know more than 400 people in the U.S. are struck by lightning each year and on average between 55-60 are killed? In an average […]

Hurricane Season Winding Down . . . Or Just Getting Started?

A short little entry today about a very important topic:  our last update to the 2010 hurricane season outlook.  Our free, 20-minute webinar will be next Tuesday, August 31st at 10:30CDT. As we anticipated earlier this month, the extended lull in development is giving way to increased formation with the likes of Hurricane Danielle and […]

Tropics Coming Alive

Last week I discussed several indicators that pointed to the likely development of several systems across the Tropical Atlantic this week.  Just as the models were predicting, a very strong disturbance over Africa a week ago developed into Hurricane Danielle yesterday.   To the east of Danielle just south of the Cape Verde Islands is a […]

Summer and Household Insects

I’ll be the first to admit just thinking about insects makes my skin crawl (my arms are literally itching while I write this). I’m not a fan of finding or disposing of them, especially spiders, cockroaches and centipedes (okay, especially centipedes­­­–those things creep me out). Let’s just say I had my fair share of experience […]

National Preparedness Month – It’s Not Your Father’s Idea of “Ready”

There’s a new tropical system in the eastern Atlantic, although it appears that Danielle will probably remain a fish storm. (A fish storm is a tropical system that will remain over water throughout the entirety of its life . . . therefore of concern only to the fishes.  Well, and any ocean-going vessels.)  But with […]

Too Hot for Pets to Travel?

I’m originally from Birmingham, Alabama and when I take a trip home (or wherever else for that matter) my pampered pooch, Maggie, comes with me. She pretty much should have her own frequent flyer card, but unfortunately for me the airlines haven’t thought of that yet. Maggie is a four-year-old Japanese Chin and this Texas […]