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China Braces for Yet Another Tropical System

It’s only been a few days since Typhoon Conson made landfall Friday evening into southern China with sustained winds up to 78 mph. Here it is less than a week later and Tropical Storm Chanthu is heading for the same general area.   Tropical Storm Chanthu is currently located near 19.2N 112.4E. Image: ImpactWeather   […]

Where’s The Next Tropical Storm Headed?

Take a look and see [4-minute video forecast].  Next update around 0800CDT tomorrow. Click here to download: image001.emz (779 KB) Click here to download: oledata.mso (738 KB)

Is Tropical Storm Bonnie on the Near Horizon?

Guest-blogger Chris Hebert, ImpactWeather’s lead hurricane forecaster, kindly posts for YWB today courtesy of the blog he produces for PennWell. Last week I wrote about hurricane climatology and the fact that the tropics typically come alive right around the end of July.  I also mentioned that models were indicating increased thunderstorm activity across the Caribbean […]

Russian Heat Wave Yields Increase in Drownings

The heat is on in Russia as the longest and hottest heat wave in decades continues across much of western Russia where temperatures have soared above 95ºF (35ºC) the past two weeks. Not only is Russia dealing with the extreme heat but they’re also suffering from the worst drought in more than 100 years. There […]

Cold Snap Hits Argentina

While those of us in the northern hemisphere are in the heat of summer, the southern hemisphere is in the middle of winter and it sure is a cold one in Argentina. For the past week they have been hit hard by a cold snap which so far has killed nine people. Most of the […]

Expired $15 Permit Costs Winning Team Almost A Million Dollars

I love offshore fishing.  Few things are as exhilarating or as challenging as being on a relatively small boat 80 miles offshore on a nice day, especially when you hook a big one.  “Big” in this case is relative; I prefer the “less big” fish – 40 to 80 pounds – that we catch on […]

Tropical Activity On The Other Side of the Marble

[I’m posting this for Fred Rogers. Seems his computer is enjoying a siesta.] Many of ImpactWeather’s clients are in the western hemisphere so much our attention is on the Atlantic Basin, the Carib and the Gulf of Mexico during Atlantic Tropical Storm Season.  But we also keep an eye on the western and eastern Pacific […]

Tour de France: Hot AND Cold

An update from Le Tour de France: It’s cold! Tour de France racers yesterday on a very long 130-mile stage, which included summiting the Col de la Madeleine. Photo: Yahoo / AFP. True enough, western (and now central) Europe have been in the throes of a heat wave this past week. Riders of the Tour […]

Quiet Mid July . . . Enjoy It While It Lasts

ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Chris Hebert guest-blogs this afternoon. After a rather active period covering the last week of June and the first week of July, the tropics have certainly quieted down this week.    A significant factor responsible for the lack of activity in the past week is the current outbreak of dry, dusty Saharan […]

Weather de France

Are you a fan of the Tour de France? I am. Even though the sportscasters on Versus (the U.S. network carrying the 97-year old bicycle race) say viewership is up dramatically over the past couple of years, I only know a few diehard fans who actually watch anything more than the daily (weekly?) highlights. Bicycle […]