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This Just In: Hurricane Season Update Webinar on Tuesday

We’ll be hosting a 20-minute webinar update of the hurricane season forecast on Tuesday morning.  Hit the video for more.    

Record Heat in Moscow as City is Blanketed by Smog

Record highs were broken for the second day in Moscow this week as temperatures on Thursday soared to 37.8ºC (100.8ºF). In the center of the city a high temperature of 35.5ºC (101.3ºF) was recorded yesterday. This set a new record for the city, which exceeded the previous record of 37.5ºC (99.5ºF) only this past Monday. […]

It’s Raining WHAT? (Part Two)

Some would say it’s raining meteorites. There are literally tons upon tons upon tons of space rock floating around in space and it’s only a matter of time before a chunk of it lands on your car, your home or your noodle. In fact, it’s been happening since the beginning of time and will continue […]

Massive Hailstone Could Break World Record

On Friday, July 23 severe thunderstorms rolled through the small town of Vivian, South Dakota which is located about 32 miles south of Pierre. The storms produced large hailstones. One hailstone in particular was found by a ranch hand that night. It unofficially measured 8 inches in diameter with a circumference of 18.5 inches. This […]

Katla Volcano: The Latest

Just last week I blogged about the issuance of new postage stamps from the Iceland Post company celebrating the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions (celebrating?). I mentioned too how small but nearly continuous earthquakes at the site of Eyjafjallajökull’s sister volcano Katla were keeping volcanologists, geologists and residents anxious about a likely imminent eruption. Experts expect the coming […]

Germany: Fries Shrink in Heat

If you were to ask most girls what their favorite snack was they’d probably say anything chocolate or perhaps ice cream. Well that’s not the case with me, even though I do enjoy homemade vanilla ice cream and a Snickers bar every now and then. I’d have to say my biggest food weakness is most […]

Where Do Tropical Cyclone Names Come From?

Have you ever wondered why tropical cyclones are given names and how various parts of the world go about naming their tropical systems? Because of their long-term persistence, both tropical and subtropical cyclones are given names as a way to tell them apart when issuing forecasts and warnings. In YourWeatherBlog today, find out the similarities […]

Eyjafjallajökull: Stamp Your Ash

Though it’s not dead yet, officials from the Iceland Post company have moved forward with the issuance of three postal stamps commemorating the recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The stamps are silk-screened with ink containing silica ash taken from the eruption (of which there is no shortage). On March 20 of this year the […]

Tropical Depression 3 Debuts [VIDEO 2:00]

Here’s our video update from this morning on Tropical Disturbance 22 . . . which is now Tropical Depression 3.  We’ll post an update video this afternoon. Click here to download: image001.emz (749 KB) Click here to download: oledata.mso (711 KB)

It’s Raining WHAT?!

Raining marijuana? In a new spin on Depression-era song “Pennies from Heaven,” residents of the east Texas town of Caddo Mills are wondering if they should keep looking to the sky or begin planning the party. It started early Monday morning when local police were alerted to a low-flying airplane, which was later found abandoned […]