Daily Archives: June 14, 2010

National Geographic’s Take On The Hurricane Season

National Geographic Daily News online tapped our Chris Hebert last week for their article Friday on what the season may hold.  You can read it here. Or just click on the graphic.  And don’t blame the messenger. The Messenger.  Image: ImpactWeather Click here to download: image001.emz (10 KB) Click here to download: oledata.mso (1700 KB) […]

Katla: Boom and Gloom

Good News/Bad News with Iceland’s Katla Volcano.   The Good News: It’s easier to pronounce.   The Bad News: Everything else.   Katla Erupts in 1918. Photo: Wiki   Even before the April eruption of the nearly unpronounceable volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, geologists and volcanologists would tell you that the Katla Volcano is the one that has […]

Weather + Fashion = Feather Report

Of all the many apps the iPhone now features, I have to admit this is probably one of my favorites. Each day the Feather Report can tell you what you should wear based on the weather. Granted it may not be extremely precise in determining whether you need a jacket or a light-weight cardigan but […]