Daily Archives: June 3, 2010

“Impact A Hero” Makes A Real Difference

[ImpactWeather Account Manager Alison Caine, pictured below, guest-blogs @YWB today.] Today I’m honored to write about an organization called Impact A Hero which supports veterans wounded or disabled while fighting the War on Terror.  This year we have many participants from the ImpactWeather and Universal Weather families who are coming out to show support for […]

Tropical Cyclone Phet is Now Weakening

With a change in the forecast, Tropical Cyclone Phet is no longer expected to reach Category 5 strength with sustained winds of 140 mph. Instead, Phet is expected to hug the coast of Oman while weakening, then push north then east-northeast across the northern Arabian Sea to the coast of Pakistan without regaining any of […]

Tropical Storm Opens Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City

On Tuesday I blogged about Tropical Storm Agatha hitting Central America, more specifically the Guatemala-Mexico border, which produced torrential rains and caused landslides. Yesterday I wrote about a storm over the weekend in Florida that produced intense lightning that is being blamed for creating a hole in the street. Well today I’m going show you […]