Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

2010 Hurricane Season Update – It’s An Eyebrow-Raiser

ImpactWeather issued our June 1st “start of season” update to our 2010 hurricane season forecast this morning and, as expected, we raised all three prediction numbers (predicted number of named storms, named hurricanes and major hurricanes) for a variety of reasons.  We’ve posted a link to a 9 ½ minute video synopsis on our top […]

Tropical Storm Agatha Hits Central America and Kills 150

On Saturday, Tropical Storm Agatha made landfall near the Guatemala-Mexico border with winds up to 45 mph and officials say at least 150 people were killed with thousands left homeless. Torrential rains washed out roads and bridges collapsed as the season’s first tropical storm moved onshore. One of the hardest hit areas was Guatemala and […]