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First Day of Summer and July Outlook

As Fred mentioned earlier…today is the first day of summer which officially began at approximately 7:28 am EDT this morning. This is also the longest day of the year as the days have been getting longer and the nights shorter. During the summer months we get more daylight because the sun is higher in the […]

First Day of Summer, the Longest Day of the Year

A number of topics to cover today.  First, a reminder that ImpactWeather is now posting brief versions of our TropicsWatch Daily Briefing 7 days a week on our YouTube channel. These videos are high-level updates of current conditions in the Tropics and a look ahead over the next several days.  The videos are about 2 […]

Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Like Our Hurricane Season Forecast; Rush Limbaugh’s Climatologist DOES

A funny thing happened on the radio yesterday. About halfway through Rush’s second hour on the air, he commenced to bemoaning the fear-mongering of the mainstream media with all of its doomsday predictions, including fears of spiraling gasoline costs and the forecast for a fairly busy 2010 hurricane season.  It was at this point that […]

Winter World Cup in South Africa

Summer is approaching us fast in the Northern hemisphere with the first official day on Monday. However, in the Southern hemisphere winter began in South Africa on June 1st and if you’ve been watching the World Cup you know it’s got to be cold when fans are bundled up in long sleeves and sweatshirts. The […]

TropicsWatch Daily Briefing Now Free on YouTube

In order for you to keep a close eye on what we anticipate will be a very busy hurricane season, we’ve started posting our TropicsWatch Daily Briefing on ImpactWeather’s YouTube channel every morning, 7 days a week, by around 0900CDT. The Daily Briefing is a 2-minute (or less) video that covers any potential tropical development […]

Flash Floods Devastate Parts of Southern France

Heavy rains across southern France on Tuesday triggered flash floods that have killed 20 people and a few people still missing near the Mediterranean coast. Water levels rose quickly as torrential rains hit the area preventing many people from fleeing to higher ground and forcing some to seek shelter on their roofs. Firefighters rushed in […]

Travelers, Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and it’s always best to be prepared no matter what. As we enter the prime travel season, people are packing their suitcases and getting ready for a relaxing vacation away from home. However, one thing you definitely don’t need to leave home without is a disaster plan. Far too […]

Tragedy at Popular Arkansas Campsite; What to Expect Ahead

In the predawn hours this past Friday, torrential rains caused flash floods to hit a popular campsite in Arkansas. River levels rose as fast as 8 feet an hour, which triggered a wall of water to tear through the campsite while many people were asleep and unaware of what was happening. Unfortunately, officials say 20 […]

National Geographic’s Take On The Hurricane Season

National Geographic Daily News online tapped our Chris Hebert last week for their article Friday on what the season may hold.  You can read it here. Or just click on the graphic.  And don’t blame the messenger. The Messenger.  Image: ImpactWeather Click here to download: image001.emz (10 KB) Click here to download: oledata.mso (1700 KB) […]

Katla: Boom and Gloom

Good News/Bad News with Iceland’s Katla Volcano.   The Good News: It’s easier to pronounce.   The Bad News: Everything else.   Katla Erupts in 1918. Photo: Wiki   Even before the April eruption of the nearly unpronounceable volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, geologists and volcanologists would tell you that the Katla Volcano is the one that has […]