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NWS: Single Twister Caused MS Devastation

The National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi has confirmed that a single monster tornado is to blame for 10 deaths last weekend in the state. Five of the victims, including three children, were killed in Choctaw County, with four deaths reported in Yazoo County and one in Holmes County. About 700 homes were damaged in […]

Part Two: A Look at Micro Weather Stations

Part One: Oklahoma City Micronet Weather Stations on Traffic Signals? Yesterday we talked about how Oklahoma City installed a network of 40 automated environmental monitoring stations across their area called the Oklahoma City Micronet. Today we’ll take a more detailed look at the micro weather stations. The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT520 is a micro weather […]

Oklahoma City Micronet: Weather Stations on Traffic Signals?

Oklahoma City is going all out when it comes to weather technology. In the metropolitan area there is currently a world-class network of 40 automated environmental monitoring stations called the Oklahoma City Micronet. The network consists of four Oklahoma Mesonet Stations and 36 sites mounted on traffic signals. Atmospheric conditions are measured and transmitted once […]

New Zealand: Heavy Rain Causes Widespread Flooding in Southland Region

Heavy rain over the past few days has caused widespread flooding across the Southland region of New Zealand. According to the MetService, as of last night more than 27.5 inches (700mm) of rain has fallen in Fiordland the past three days and more rainfall is expected today. Roads and phone lines to Te Anau were […]

Tornado Outbreak across South Kills 12 this past Weekend

Severe weather hit the Deep South this past weekend as a strong low pressure system and associated cold front moved through. According to the Storm Prediction Center, there were numerous reports of tornadoes: from Thursday through Sunday, there were 132 tornado reports across the Plains and Southeastern U.S. The greatest number of tornadoes, 69, was […]

Satellites Issuing Speeding Tickets from Space?

Traffic authorities in the UK may start using satellites to issue tickets to speeding drivers all the way from outer space. How is this possible? According to The Telegraph, an American company based in New Hampshire called PIPS Technology has developed a system that uses two cameras on the ground and one satellite in orbit […]

Distant Early Warning

"An ill wind comes arising" is the opening salvo from the 1984 hit from Rush, Early Distant Warning on the Grace Under Pressure album. The song is not actually about the approach of nasty weather but rather something more sinister. Still, it’s a stand-out tune from my younger years. As a meteorologist and, at the […]

Iceland: Fantastic Photography!

From “The Big Picture” at, these 35 pictures from Iceland are crisp, dramatic, emotional and breathtaking. You will really feel like you’re in the midst of it all — breathing the ash, feeling the fear and wondering how to carry on. For all the pictures, follow this link.        

Storm Reports via Twitter?

If you’re a weather enthusiast and a regular tweeter, you might want to check out the National Weather Service’s experimental program for sending in storm reports via Twitter. Geotagging is a recently added application for Twitter which allows your geographical information to show up in your tweets. The National Weather Service believes this capacity will […]

More Storms Expected: The April Tropical Season Outlook

UPDATE-ImpactWeather-2010-First-Atlantic-Hurricane-Season-Outlook-20Apr10.pdf (4026 KB)View this on posterous ImpactWeather has issued an April update to our original Tropical Season forecast which now calls for a slightly higher number of storms.  We’ve also posted a five-minute video synopsis of the forecast.  For a number of reasons, it looks like it’s going to be a fairly busy season. Now’s […]