Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

“Snowicane”? We Disagree

A good deal of commotion has been generated the last few days both online and in the media relevant to the recent profusion of nicknames being used for various storms.  Allow me to add to the fray: we don’t think it’s a good idea and we never have. One of ImpactWeather’s foundational elements is that […]

Winter Storm Deep South to Mid Atlantic States

(12605 KB) Watch on posterous Snow continues to be possible for northern portions of the Deep South to the Mid Atlantic States late today through Tuesday. An area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will interact with moisture and cold air to bring a swath of snowfall for northern portions of the Deep […]

US: Drought Evaporated?

Though drought recovery for many areas began last year, recent rains and snows across the Plains, the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic and the Deep South have virtually erased drought conditions east of the Rockies. One year ago, nearly 50% of the Deep South and Mid-Atlantic was considered abnormally dry; 14% of the area was considered to […]