Monthly Archives: March 2010

Strong Low Brings Snow to the UK

It’s officially springtime in the UK, but winter is still making an appearance this week as a strong low pressure system brings blizzard conditions, strong to gale-force winds and heavy rains to portions of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England. Up to 48,000 homes across Northern Ireland are without power due to the storm.   […]

Twisters Visit the Bahamas

As a young meteorologist stationed at Homestead Air Force Base in southern Florida, I’m familiar with the tropical weather of the region. Morning funnel clouds just off the coast were nearly as common as the sound of jet turbines spooling up at the first hint of daylight. Viewed from the control tower, distant waterspouts were […]

Mongolian Herders Hit Hard by Harsh Winter

Over 90% of Mongolia has been experiencing an extremely snowy winter resulting in livestock being unable to find fodder through the snow cover, and a large number of animals have died due to starvation and cold. A Mongolian term used to describe severe winter weather such as this is zud or dzud. Image:   […]

Severe Weather Outbreak Expected

It’s a classic scenario for severe weather, and it appears to be on target as we head into the later days of the week. At this time it looks like more stable conditions will diminish this system as it pushes eastward, then drier and more stable air following the severe weather will allow a pleasant […]

Maple Syrup Production Hit Hard by Warmer Weather

Spring is officially here, but the warmer weather isn’t exactly good news for the maple syrup season in New England. Daytime highs have been right around normal if not above normal for this time of year. However, it’s the overnight lows that haven’t cooled down as much. This hurts maple syrup production because the maple […]

General Overview: Weekend Weather

But first, a quick reminder that you can follow ImpactWeather both on Facebook and at Twitter. And now, thanks very much to Dave for this weekend micro-forecast:  Sunny on both coasts with rain in between; warm in the Southeast; pleasant out west and becoming sunny but staying cool in the Northeast. Another significant round of […]

More Snow in the Forecast

Areas along the Rocky Mountains can’t seem to get a break from the snow. Though it’s spring time, March does tend to be Colorado’s snowiest month. This past Tuesday, the Denver area picked up about 9 inches with up to 23 inches being reported in some of Denver’s western suburbs. Near the 16th street mall […]

New Hampshire Ice Out Breaks Record

On the heels of Monday’s YWB post about the deteriorating conditions of the ice roads in Canada, comes this: the Lake Winnipesaukee, NH "Ice Out" is a record-breaker, occurring four days prior to the previous record of March 28th, 1921. Last year’s Ice Out was April 12. What’s going on? I’ll bet you thought New […]

Sandstorm Seen from Space

Over the weekend, images of a massive sand and dust storm in China were captured from space. A strong storm system swept sand and dust from the arid terrain of Inner Mongolia thousands of miles. Visibility was reduced and the air quality was poor in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taiwan as the yellow dust rolled […]

Disaster-Related Absenteeism, Sure. But What’s “Presenteeism”?

Hurricane Frances, 2004.  Photo: NASA It’s a given that the more prepared an employee is for a severe weather disaster or other type of situation that can close a business, the more likely that employee will be able to return to work afterwards, therefore substantially reducing the wide-scale absenteeism that has such a brutal effect […]