Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

A Few Words About Words

As of this posting, reader comments are now enabled at YourWeatherBlog and we’re looking forward to your input.  Such a simple thing, really – with just the click of the mouse, YWB goes from being a monolog to a dialog.  It’s not a groundbreaking, alpha-wave kind of move but it’s an important one. And it’s […]

Maybe It’s a . . . Spaceship?

The text accompanying today’s “Picture of the Day” from NASA struck me as kind of funny. Astronauts on the International Space Station wrote that they weren’t sure what the black spot approaching from the distance was. “Of all the people,” I thought. “THEY should know exactly what was/is approaching!” Read it for yourself here. Photo: […]

Sweat and Sleet: Connected

Sweat and sleet? Connected? Yes, but not the way you think… Sweating cools the body and sleet is the result of a cooling atmosphere. The common thread? Evaporative cooling. Last week many areas of Texas and the Gulf Coast states experienced sleet — frozen or near-frozen droplets of water. The main question from nearly everyone […]

Snow into Snow Cones

You’ve heard the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” So during the blizzard of 2010 in Northeast and Mid Atlantic states, that’s what several businesses did – except they used snow and made snow cones!   As the 2010 blizzard progressed, the list of business and government closings grew longer and longer as […]