Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

Long-range: More Snow for the South?

[Monday, 2/15, Update: Since posting this blog on Friday, there have been changes. While the Pacific moisture is still expected to track eastward across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the cold outbreak is now not expected. The result: Rain? Yes. Bitter cold and snow? No.] It’s starting to look like another outbreak of Arctic […]

Will the Snow Effect Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is Sunday and from the Northeast and now down to the Deep South, streets are covered in snow and many businesses have been closed for days. Many florists worry it won’t be a profitable holiday. Jacquelyn Martin / AP Flower shipments have been delayed due to the weather and unplowed streets. Most if […]

If Snow Was Gold

If snow was made of gold, a cubic foot of snow would be worth almost half a million dollars. That’s because a cubic foot of wet snow weighs about 30 pounds and with gold running about $1000 per once, and 16 ounces in a pound… But that’s a wet snow. More moisture, bigger flakes and […]