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Southern Snow: The Latest

A developing low pressure now moving eastward across the Southwest will collide with cold Canadian air as the low pushes eastward. Already snowing in western regions this morning, snowfall will move east with the low. We expect snow in central Texas tomorrow, perhaps flurries as far south as Houston tomorrow afternoon, then draw to a […]

Yeah, But It’s a Dry Heat

[Warning: Serious science ahead.] The temperature in New York has reached the highest ever recorded. And right in the middle of February. What gives? Laboratory scientists (in New York) have created the hottest temperature ever: 4 trillion degrees Celsius. A computer rendition of the 4-trillion degree Celsius plasma. Image: Brookhaven National Laboratory Yes, 4 trillion […]

Southern Snow Again

Once again there’s a flow from the Pacific Ocean to southern California, to the Southwest, to Texas. Once again, El Niño-fueled storms are bringing rain and snow to the southern 1/3 of the United States. And once again cold and snow are pushing unusually far south into Texas. Snow and sleet are expected to increase […]

Israel Experiencing a Winter Heat Wave

Picture: A winter heat wave strikes Israel while Europe has been experiencing cold temperatures. A cold front from the North Pole is headed south toward Western Europe. Ahead of the front, warm air has come in from the deserts in the south. The temperature has risen to 86 F (30 C). Although this falls […]

The Past Few Weeks: A Look Around

I don’t want to set a precedent by reporting “wild, weird stuff” from the World of Weather each week or even each month, but it seems the few weeks has had a lot going on. Of course, the record-breaking snows and power outages across the eastern U.S. are well known . . . but there’s […]

Partial Dome Collapse at Soufriere Hills : Natural Hazards

via Near constant emissions from the Soufriere Hills volcano on Montserrat Island in the northeastern Caribbean are well known to residents, tourists and pilots but late last week the volcano experienced a partial dome collapse which is being described as the most severe incident in almost four years. With the collapse, the ash plume […]

What To Do With All That Snow?

via Can’t figure out what to do with all the snow on the ground? One family in Pennsylvania decided to turn their backyard into a 650 foot winding luge. This seems pretty fitting as the 2010 Winter Olympics are underway in Vancouver. And in Philadelphia the snow conditions seem to be better than they […]

Bad News, Good News: Time (Already) to Start Thinking About Hurricane Season

  The bad news is that it really is time to start planning for the 2010 Atlantic Tropical Storm Season . . . not just thinking about it but actually doing it.  The good news?  We’d like to help you get started with a free webinar on February 24.  The 45-minute webinar will cover how […]

Falling Ice

The snow has come to an end for now, the temperatures are warming up and you need to be on the lookout for falling ice. Most cities have signs in place warning of falling ice on sidewalks around the area but many people don’t pay much attention to them. In Chicago, ice is falling off […]

A Few Words About Words

As of this posting, reader comments are now enabled at YourWeatherBlog and we’re looking forward to your input.  Such a simple thing, really – with just the click of the mouse, YWB goes from being a monolog to a dialog.  It’s not a groundbreaking, alpha-wave kind of move but it’s an important one. And it’s […]