Monthly Archives: February 2010

Icebergs on Lake Michigan!

Oh, come on! Icebergs on Lake Michigan? Really? So says the email that landed in my Inbox this morning. The icebergs were big and white and some were even streaked with blue. Quite pretty, but Lake Michigan?? Purported Lake Michigan icebergs. Photo: Who knows? (Snopes actually attributes the photo to Oyvind Tangend, a Norwegian sailor.) […]

Pretty Snow, Ugly Response

Photo: UPI According to a recent Washington Post article, It seems that D.C.’s former “snow czar” thinks the city would have fared much better during the recent severe snow events if they’d been taken more seriously, perhaps with as much respect as a disaster or a security threat. Ironic and not a little bit disconcerting […]

Chinese Winter Wonderland

Harbin, China has a city made of ice – 5.6 million cubic feet of it to be exact. The city of ice comes around once a year, from January through mid-March for the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The Festival started back in 1985, is one of the largest of its kind in the […]

Haiti: False-color Composite Image

The Jet Propulsion Lab folks are always coming up with interesting stuff. Here’s an image from their UAVSAR a government acronym for Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar showing the false-color composite image of the city of Port-au-Prince (yellow arrow) and the long fault line (black arrow) responsible for the quake. The image is a […]

Yesterday’s Snow in Texas

Yet again during this exceptionally active winter season, Texas was on the receiving end of a relatively severe system that affected just about every aspect of life over a fairly large region.  Here’s a GVAR image of the accumulated snow from the event.  Image: ImpactWeather, Inc. The same system that left what you see on […]

Northeast Snow Storms

(19711 KB) Watch on posterous   Heavy snow and coastal rain on track for the Northeast today through Saturday. There is still uncertainty with the track of the low and the rain/snow line. If the rain/snow line shifts that could result in the difference of some locations not receiving much snow accumluation to some locations […]

Heavy Rains Cause Landslides Around the World

  Madeira Landslides: MSNBC Heavy rains caused landslides this past weekend that killed dozens in Madeira, the main island of the Portuguese archipelago of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean just over 300 miles off the west coast of Africa. A month’s worth of rain fell in about eight hours, unleashing a torrent of […]

Northeast U.S. Snow Storms

(16661 KB) Watch on posterous Snow and rain changing to snow is the forecast for the Northeast with accumulations possibly topping 10-12 inches by Saturday. Our latest video from ImpactWeather’s StormWatch team.

Accumulating Wet Snow Expected over Texas and Louisiana

ImpactWeather meteorologist Mike Venske reports that accumulating snow will impact much of the Lone Star State eastward into the Lower Mississippi River Valley today through early Wednesday.  And here’s ImpactWeather meteorologist Megan Krannig with a video update: (9885 KB) Watch on posterous Continuing wtih Mike’s forecast:  Cold Canadian air will interact with an upper level […]

Severe Weather in South Africa

Though it’s the rainy season across Equatorial Africa, that doesn’t necessarily mean the rest of the continent is dry. In fact, it’s summer south of the Equator and summer storms are frequent. Plus, strong cold fronts far south in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean brush across South Africa with regularity at this time of […]