Daily Archives: January 12, 2010

Earthquake: Haiti

Latest information now shows the Haiti earthquake this afternoon to have registered 7.1 magnitude, after earlier reports of 7.3. A Tsunami Watch is in effect for Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Most areas within the Tsunami Watch should receive tsunami waves (if any) within an hour or two of the quake. Image: ImpactWeather […]

El Niño On the Loose

Thanks to El Niño, the mid-range forecast suggests a big soak should be expected over the US West Coast over the next couple of weeks. Early indications suggest this pattern will break "sooner rather than later," but exactly when remains unknown. The typical El Niño allows sea surface temperatures to rise over the eastern Pacific, […]

Winter Hitting Mid-Stride

Cold weather over North America often has its source region over the plateaus of Siberia in central Russia. Long-range forecasters look not just to Canada, but to Siberia for answers to "Just how cold will this winter be?" Under strong high pressure and sitting atop snow and ice, the cold air pools over the Siberian […]

Greater Lead Time for Hurricanes

The past week or so, most of the buzz has been about the cold snap. The big chill has been very big news with record breaking temperatures and damage to crops, just to name a few things. But something that also happened last week was that the National Hurricane Center announced that, starting with the […]