Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

It’s “Generational”

One of our Houston TV mets said yesterday that this cold outbreak was "Generational… The kind of cold outbreak that you’ll be telling your grandchildren about." I’m not quite sure I buy into that, but one thing’s for sure: This is not your average cold front with your average winter temperatures. Let’s look at what’s […]

The Freeze is On

Though most of the country is well equipped to deal with cold temperatures, much of the South is not. Megan’s previous blog touched on some of the safety tips for surviving such cold and so with that in mind we now provide our latest projections for overnight low temperatures from Texas to North Carolina, Friday, […]

Record Breaking Cold and Precautions

The first round of frigid temperatures moved in to the Dakotas and down to Florida this past weekend, breaking weather records in the upper Midwest, the Great Lakes and New England. International Falls, Minnesota bottomed out at 37 below zero, breaking records that have stood since 1979. Sioux Falls, South Dakota was 30 below, the […]