Monthly Archives: January 2010

Our View of the World

  There’s an email that goes around every now and then that shows an image of all the air traffic routes around the world; another showing the actual planes in the air around the world. One of my favorites is an email with a composite of various visible satellite images of the entire globe showing […]

Hot Time in the Summer: SouthPac Cyclones

  It’s almost impossible for a meteorologist to write about the tropics without mentioning El Niño and its worldwide effects. Here in the States we’re more conditioned to understand that an active El Niño this time of year brings enhanced rains and cooler temperatures to the southern United States. But what about elsewhere? “For every […]

The Ice Storm Cometh

  I’m sure I’m the only one to think up “The ice storm cometh,” but as a major snow and ice storm takes aim on Oklahoma today and then moves eastward over the next 48-60 hours, I thought it appropriate and helpful to review some tips for best getting through an ice storm. First, your […]

Robot in the Hole

Controversy in west central Pennsylvania as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) suggest the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, one of the most famous weather forecasters in the world, be replaced on Groundhog Day by an animatronic version of the beloved marmot. Stating that the furry celebrity becomes "…stressed when [he] is exposed to […]

Heavy Rains Pound Peru

    Photo: Associated Press Photo: Reuters Five days of heavy rain near Machu Picchu in Peru have caused tremendous mudslides and floods. Around two thousand travelers were stranded when mudslides blocked the railway to the city of Cuzco, which is the only way out of the area and helicopters were sent to help lift […]

Need: Hot Chocolate, Snowblowers, Road Salt

It’s starting right now… A major snow/ice system is advancing eastward with snowfall beginning today in the southern Rockies. Then, as the system combines Pacific mid-level moisture with Gulf of Mexico low-level moisture and cold southward-moving Canadian air, impressive snow and ice accumulations will begin later tonight and Thursday across Texas and Oklahoma; making steady […]

Kittinger: “It’s pushing the outer limits”

Kittinger. Recognize the name? In 1960 USAF Colonel Joseph Kittinger parachuted from an altitude of 102,800ft – and lived to tell the tale. What could possibly cause Kittinger, whose office was literally the outer limits, to state something else will be pushing the outer limits? A new jump, this time by Austrian Felix Baumgartner: A […]

Mt. Washington Record Falls

Having been to the summit of Mt. Washington, NH on several occasions, it is with a bit of sadness that I report one of the longest-held records in the world of weather has been taken from Mt. Washington and passed to Barrow Island, Australia at the hands of a tropical cyclone. The new world record […]

Millions Washed Away? No!

Driving golf balls in driving rain is not pleasant for golfers or spectators and this year’s Bob Hope Classic has nearly been washed away. However, with the birthplace of golf being one of the most notorious wetlands in the world, it’s rare that a golf event is cancelled. Such is the case in California: The […]

When It Pours, It Snows

  Undoubtedly you’ve heard the expression, “When it rains, it pours.” As in, it hasn’t happened for a long time, and now it won’t stop. Meteorologically, that’s literally the case across the United States right now. The monster low pressure system that brought drenching rains and tremendous snowfall to the Southwest last week has only […]