Monthly Archives: December 2009

Divide and Conquer?

It’s easy to see how this powerful cold front divides Europe into different airmasses. With a pronounced counter-clockwise flow around the strong low pressure center in western France, cold Arctic air is pulled southward across northern Europe, including the United Kingdom. London, Paris, northern Italy and even northern Spain will be dealing with snow today […]

Video: Aviation Weather Today

Aviation Weather Today is a free online video broadcast designed to alert business aviation professionals to weather conditions that impact air travel in high-traffic regions throughout the world. Each segment forecasts 2-day regional High-Level and Low-Level Significant Weather Prognostics (SIGWX). ImpactWeather meteorologists Megan Krannig and Dave Gorham produce 12 daily video segments. Each segment highlights […]

Partial Eclipse New Year’s Eve

via Rare ‘Blue Moon’ on New Year’s Eve On New Year’s Eve a rare ‘Blue Moon’ will be visible in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. In Australia and Asia the full moon doesn’t show up until New Year’s Day. According to popular definition, a blue moon is the second full […]

What’s a 1/4-inch Among Friends?

National Weather Service Changes Severe Storm Qualifications Effective January 5, 2010. Because significant damage does not occur until hail size reaches 1-inch in diameter, the National Weather Service has upped hail size from .75in to 1.0in in NWS-issued Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. The NWS reports that user feedback suggests warnings are now more meaningful. TV networks […]

Mayon: Still No Eruption

It’s not been quiet across the so-called Ring of Fire these past several months. Several volcanoes have been active in Honduras, Nicaragua, the Philippines,  southern Japan and the Kuril Islands of the Kamchatka Peninsula. And today, the Philippine volcano Mayon is threatening to erupt, even as villagers return to the region having already been previously […]

Snow on Christmas Day?

First, is there an actual definition for a White Christmas? Yes! The official definition is: 1 inch of snow on the ground during December 25th. How does the Probability Map compare to what’s out there today? Pretty favorably! Notice the southern extent of the snow in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma thanks in large part […]

Winter Weather Not Only in the US

Earlier this week a strong cold front that moved off the Atlantic has been taking temperatures unusually low and making snowfall accumulations unusually high from Milan to Minsk. As many as 100 deaths have been blamed on the cold. In Germany, temps fell to -33C while icy runways and rails cancelled flights and trains across […]

Snow – and More Snow

On the heels of the record-breaking Mid-Atlantic snow storm (some areas received as much as 30 inches) another storm system is taking shape in the Plains. This next storm is interesting on several levels – one being the track the other being the duration. As for the track, this storm will not follow in the […]

Winter Storm Means Holiday Travel Problems for the Plains and Midwest

A winter storm is on track to move through the Northern and Central Plains starting Wednesday through the holiday weekend. Large amounts of snow are anticipated and for many, travel delays should be expected.     Snow is expected to begin in the Northern and Central Plains Wednesday with a period of rain mixing with […]

Wrap Up of the Northeast Snow Event

All eyes the past few days have been on the Northeast snow event.  The slow moving storm started in the Gulf of Mexico and moved through the Southeast Friday causing flooding in Florida and knocking out electricity to more than 85,000 customers in the Carolinas.  Rain turned to snow as the system moved up the […]