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The Weather App Trap: Can You Make Decisions Using Weather Apps?

Your app can’t call you to say bad weather is on the way. It can’t give you a heads-up that it’s going to snow or that the bottom of the thermometer is going to fall out or that thunderstorms may shut down your operations in six hours.

Is it Hot Enough for You? (You’re kidding, right?)

I come from the Northeast, and we are an outspoken bunch.  I didn’t fully understand this until moving south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but we Northeasterners very rarely find a reason to keep from complaining.  We’re quite good at it.  Now that I’m in Houston, and with last week’s “heat wave” that swept up the […]

Love is in the air and so is Tropical Storm Chantal

As a recent newlywed, and veteran bridesmaid, I’ve seen it all. From various (and weird) wedding traditions to the ultimate meltdown over a spray tan, it can be tough to be a bride or a groom. To reduce wedding stress, many modern day brides and grooms are escaping to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean […]

StormReady Rocks Out with Linkin Park; What’s It Mean to You?

It’s clear that, at least for a moment, Linkin Park has stepped away from its other-worldly rock star status and have focused on how they can take responsibility for the safety of the people at their concerts. Concerts are a business and year after year it’s been proved that weather is the number one interruption to business.

Christmas Tradition: NORAD Santa Tracker Turns 57

3 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes and — as of right now — 19 seconds until the NORAD Santa Tracker becomes active. For more than half a century, the NORAD Santa Tracker has been tracking and disseminating Santa’s exact location as he leaves the North Pole and journeys around the world delivering presents on Christmas […]

It’s Time to Play “Ask The Meteorologist”! Ask Us A Weather Question and We’ll Answer It

ImpactWeather hosts a variety of different types of educational webinars for different audiences each week and last week one of the webinars was our monthly winter weather outlook which we host for our clients.  For most webinars regardless of the audience or topics, we solicit questions from attendees both ahead of time and during the […]

Election Day Weather Outlook? Nationwide Mostly Great

Here’s a post from this morning by Houston Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger about what we can expect on Election Day, including a few graphics provided by ImpactWeather.  The short version?  Absent any delays caused by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the weather won’t provide many excuses for anyone not to get out and vote.

The 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Rita . . . and the Largest Evacuation Ever

Here’s a question for you: What was the cause of the largest human evacuation in history? The surprising answer is 2005’s Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Rita? The one-time Category 5 storm that made landfall on the border of Texas and Louisiana? The #10 costliest tropical storm on record? The one that, unless you live (lived) nearby, you might not even remember? Yes, Hurricane Rita.

Hurricane Andrew: The ImpactWeather Staff Remembers 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago today, August 16, what would become the third costliest natural disaster in U.S. history was officially recognized as a tropical depression. Having moved off the African Coast as a wave two days prior, and still more than 3,000 miles and eight days away from its date with infamy on the southeastern Florida coast, Tropical Depression 3 was noted for its deep convection in an area of heavy wind shear (deep convection is needed for continued tropical development, but pronounced wind shear hampers that development). Over the next few days, the as-yet unnamed storm struggled but overall continued on its westward way to hurricane status, being named Tropical Storm Andrew on the 17th and Hurricane Andrew on the 22nd. Two days later, early during the overnight hours of the 24th, Andrew reached the coast of Florida, passing between Homestead and Miami, and brutally began changing lives and creating life-long memories.

This Weekend: Perseids Meteor Shower One of the Best

With up to 60 meteors per hour, the Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the best of the year. And because it happens in the middle of summer without broad-scale, cloud-heavy weather patterns, most of us ought to have a nearly unrestricted view.