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Lessons from Superstorm Sandy: What Should We Do Differently Before The Next Big One? [Free Webinar]

In response to the tremendous impact of hurricane Sandy in October, next week ImpactWeather will host a free webinar to address some of the most important aspects of the storm as well as key elements and the vital importance of preparation. Here’s the invitation or you can go ahead and register here. Doesn’t it seem […]

Election Day Weather Outlook? Nationwide Mostly Great

Here’s a post from this morning by Houston Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger about what we can expect on Election Day, including a few graphics provided by ImpactWeather.  The short version?  Absent any delays caused by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the weather won’t provide many excuses for anyone not to get out and vote.

Tropical Storms, Delegates, Protesters and More: Preparing an EOC for a National Political Convention [Free Webinar]

A tumultuous event with twists and turns both before and during, the 40th Republican National Convention was held several weeks ago in Tampa and ACP’s Steve Elliot had a unique ring-side seat for the event.  Elliot, the Corporate Director of Membership and Programming for the Association of Contingency Planners, helped staff the City of Tampa’s […]

2012 Hurricane Season Winding Down

Here’s a guest-posting from ImpactWeather meteorologist and lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert. Even though we’re just past the peak of the hurricane season (September 10th), the tropics are showing signs of shutting down for the year.  Cold fronts (along with the jet stream) are dipping into the Gulf of Mexico, making conditions there quite unfavorable […]

September Hurricane Outlook Next Week – Free 20-Minute Webinar

With the naming of tropical storm Leslie yesterday, we’re on track for one of the busiest tropical seasons in history – in fact, we’ve reached 12 named storms this early only once before in 1995 with the formation of Luis which eventually became a highly destructive category 4 hurricane.  As we’ve seen the over the […]

Tangible New Weather Forecasting Service for Energy Traders Announced: Crystallizing the Mountain of Data

Research.  Rockefeller, Buffett, Jobs – all agreed that research is where the ideas come from, ideas for progress.  For productivity.  For profit. For years energy traders have been asking ImpactWeather for access to our proprietary tropical forecasting data so that the industry could know what the largest operators in the Gulf know and when they […]

July Outlook for the Hurricane Season: Yeah, It’s Slow Right Now [3-min. video]

ImpactWeather StormWatch Manager and lead hurricane forecaster Chris Hebert takes a look at why this season — which started at a record-setting pace (never before have there been four named storms by July 1) — is slowing down and will continue to remain slow. Scratch that. Not slow overall, but slow as compared to last […]

Hurricane Season Outlook Update: Free 32-Minute Recorded Webinar

Nutshell: yesterday we distributed our Atlantic hurricane season update for June and July via, among other media, a half-hour webinar that you can watch now for free.  Just hit the graphic or click here. The presenter was ImpactWeather TropicsWatch manager and our lead hurricane meteorologist Chris Hebert and he packed his usual hour’s worth of […]

Hurricane Season Starts Today and You’re Not Ready

  Things everyone knows as of today: It’s June 1st, the official start of the Atlantic tropical storm season. We’ve already had two named tropical storms. It’s predicted to be a ‘typical’ season with a typical number of named storms and maybe even somewhat fewer than usual. Here’s the truth:  none of that matters. We’ll […]

Increased Sunspot Activity This Week – How Much Worry Is Too Much?

ImpactWeather’s resident space weather expert StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude weighs in on the current solar flare situation. As we continue to trend toward the peak of Solar Cycle 24 (expected to occur around mid 2013) we’re seeing an expected increase in frequency of sunspot activity on the surface of the sun.   Solar scientists pay particular […]