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What if Chicken Little was right – Would utility providers be prepared?

As a history buff and science geek, my husband will watch the History Channel or Discovery Channel until he’s asleep on the couch. He is the epitome of the phrase, “learning is cool.” Recently, we watched the History Channel’s The Men Who Built America , which specifically focused on J.P. Morgan and his relationship with […]

Geminids Shower Tonight is the Year’s Best – And Viewing Weather for Most of the U.S. Couldn’t Be Better

The Geminids, as they always do, appear to originate from the constellation Gemini, but originate instead from the object 3200 Phaethon — an asteroid, not a comet. Best viewing in the U.S. will be to the east shortly after midnight and, of course, try to be as far away from any light pollution as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t view tonight as the show will go on, though lesser in intensity, through the 19th.

GOES 13 – “I’m Baaaack!” Weather Satellite Returns From Dark, Cold Place

Who could’ve guessed that after sending corrupted images back to Earth and being swapped out for GOES 15 and then GOES 14, that we would be welcoming back to service GOES 13. But we are. After only three weeks, the problems with the ailing satellite have been addressed and, beginning tomorrow, the six-and-a-half-year old orbiting (geostationary orbit, that is) platform of weather sensors will return to active duty.

Gobsmacked! Miraculous Realities We All Take for Granted

This is not an article about the weather, or the weather-related things I typically write about. Instead this is going to be about how you and I, and the other humans around us, define ourselves. About not only failing to stop and smell the roses, but not even noticing the roses are there.

Red Bull Delays Man’s Highest Sky Dive Due to Weather – For Now

Today was to be the day that Felix Baumgartner jumped into the record books as the man who jumped from the edges of space and higher than any human has ever jumped before. It was not to be, as winds scrubbed the mission more than six years in the making.

GOES 13 Weather Satellite Placed on Injured Reserve – Now We’re on Thin Ice

You may have noticed a few hiccups in the satellite images on your evening news or your favorite internet weather sites over the past week or so. Images included a lot of static or “noise” initially, then advanced into portions of the image that were missing. These image issues are the result of problems with the GOES 13 weather satellite. Initially GOES 15 picked up the slack, but starting yesterday GOES 14 has been called into duty while technicians attempt to isolate the problem with GOES 13.

Fluffy White Stuff Falling in the Last Place You’d Expect It

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been poring over data collected from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and have discovered snowfall, in the form of carbon dioxide snowfall, that fell to the surface of Mars six years ago (six years means a lot of data are coming from the MRO, yes?). Frozen carbon dioxide by the way, in frozen form, is as close as your local Earth supermarket’s sub-zero freezer: it’s called dry ice.

Increased Sunspot Activity This Week – How Much Worry Is Too Much?

ImpactWeather’s resident space weather expert StormWatch Manager Fred Schmude weighs in on the current solar flare situation. As we continue to trend toward the peak of Solar Cycle 24 (expected to occur around mid 2013) we’re seeing an expected increase in frequency of sunspot activity on the surface of the sun.   Solar scientists pay particular […]

Skywatchers: This Weekend to Be Astronomical; It’s the Meteors Vs. Supermoon

Two great events of astronomical proportions occur this weekend. Unfortunately, one will almost wash out the other. It’s time for the annual Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, but at the same time “Supermoon 2012.”

Busy Weather Week . . . Both on Earth and Elsewhere

Winter to the west, summer to the east…dangerous day in the middle.